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05 Feb Osman Gazi’s  Sword And Its Importance In History
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Any sword can become a symbol of success in history, thanks to the expertise and talent of its user. Looking at Turkish history, it is quite easy to see such examples. One of these examples is undoubt..
05 Feb Establishment Osman Gazi’s Sword
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Many items used in history have a great importance for their period and owner. The older historical objects, the more valuable. However, if their owners are also one of the important people in history..
05 Feb Osman I’s Swords and Weapons
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Swords, shields, and armor were the most important combat items needed to win battles in history. Apart from the combat capabilities of soldiers in the army, the most important thing was undoubtedly v..
05 Feb The Features of Turkish Sword Kilij
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Throughout history, every nation has had an army as the age requires. The armament of armies took different forms in different periods.The processing of metal by human beings dates back thousands of y..
05 Feb Tukish Swords Prices, Kilij Prices
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If you are reading this article on swordbuy.comright now, you may be planning to buy a sword for your collection or as a gift for a friend. While shopping online, you can first research the price, as ..
05 Feb How to order a Turkish sword on
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If you are reading this article, you probably want to buy a sword, but you want to do some research to decide it. We have decided to write such an article to help you with your decision.We would like ..
05 Feb Establishment: Osman Sword Prices
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As we said before, the swords on our site are not only gifts but also decorative items. Our customers often use our products as decorative items in their offices and living rooms. In addition to these..
05 Feb Ottoman Swords Prices
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Swords, which were one of the most important battle tools in history, are mostly used as a decorative item today. Many people interested in history contribute to the decoration of their offices or hou..
05 Feb What is the meaning of Zulfiqar? Whose sword was Zulfiqar?
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Zulfiqar is the name of Imam Ali’s sword. Imam Ali was Hz. He was Muhammad's son-in-law, his uncle's son and one of the Four Great Caliphs. Zulfiqar is a word consisting of the words "zû" meaning "own..
05 Feb About Turkish Sword, Kilij
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When you pick up a very special and balanced tool like a sword, you can travel through time. If you love history and know something about history, it may be possible to feel yourself on the battlefiel..
05 Feb Where are Turkish Swords produced?
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Turks had many military victories throughout history thanks to warrior abilities and characters. Another characteristic of the Turks was their superior abilities in producing weapon tools.The more rob..
05 Feb Where to buy Ertugrul’s Sword?
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In this article you will find out where to buy Diriliş Ertugrul Sword.Nowadays, , the rate of appreciation for television series has become very difficultwith the spread of social media. Very few of t..
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