About Turkish Sword, Kilij

When you pick up a very special and balanced tool like a sword, you can travel through time. If you love history and know something about history, it may be possible to feel yourself on the battlefield and live those heroic deeds when you close your eyes.  There are many historical symbols or objects that will keep you alive these moments. However, swords are at the top of these. We should not forget that every nation has a victory story, and every victory has some heroes. The swords used by the heroes of these victories also have a story. From this point of view, Turks have many victory stories. Turks, one of the most warrior nations in history, have developed their own war techniques and tools throughout history.  We can say that “Kilij” is a general name given to Turkish swords. The word written and read as “Kılıç” in Turkish (sword) is known internationally as “kilij”.

Turkish Kilij Sword in Turkey are still produced today with traditional methods. In Yatağan,the town in DenizliTurkish Kilij Swords are produced with techniques remaining from the Ottoman Empire.  There is a reason why Turkish swords are still grown in the Yatağan region. Because this town was the production center of the Turkish Sword since the first years of the Ottoman state. The Ottoman Empire, which lived for more than 620 years, attached great importance to its army and the weapons used by the army. Janissaries’ swords in the army of the Ottoman state were produced here. Janissaries  were elite infantry units that formed the Ottoman Sultan’s household troops, bodyguards and the first modern standing army in Europe. The corps was most likely established during the reign of Murad I in 1362. They served over the centuries as bowmen, crossbowmen, and musketeers.

Today, the craftsmen living and producing swords in Yatağan are the descendants of the sword masters in the Ottoman state. They  still produce swords with the traditional methods that they learned from their grandfathers.However, these swords are used as decorative items for homes and offices, not in wars as in history.As Swordbuy.com, we are one of those grandchildren and representatives of the art of sword making in Yatağan. We produce Turkish swords Kilij by combining today’s technology with traditional methods. We can engrave the text you want on Turkish swords we produce with traditional methods with laser technology, which is a result of today’s technology. So we recommend to fill the available options that you can type the text you want to be engraved on your kilij.

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