Establishment Ottoman Sword

Osman I lived between 1258-1326. He was born in Sogut and died in Bursa,Turkey. He founded the Ottoman Empire in 1299. He was a great Turkish leader.  In this article, we write about a hero who has been the symbol of courage for Turkish people because Turkish people lived their golden ages in Ottoman Empire years.  The name of the empire derives from Osman’s name. This name is “Uthman” in Arabic. After foundation, the Ottoman State was able to grow up rapidly thanks to Osman I’s great leadership and abilities. The second chance to grow up rapidly was that countries were weak and unorganized and  Ottomans had advanced military organization and tactics for its time.

Ottomans had an organized army and developed weapons. One of these weapons was their sword and ability to produce strong and durable swords. Swords were the most indispensable weapons for soldiers in that time. The soldiers with strong sword were luckier against his enemy. We can say that Ottoman swords were one of the most important factors in the success of the Ottoman state. It is stated in many historical sources that the Ottomans were very skilled in sword production as well as having a warrior characteristic.

The Ottomans had such advanced production techniques in sword production that their enemies tried to learn some of these techniques during and after wars. They carefully examined the Ottoman swords that they had captured in the wars and hired masters to produce similar swords.

One of the most important steps in sword production is the hardening of the steel.The Ottomans were very developed in this method, which is used most in sword production. . They had highly skilled craftsmen in the hardening of steel. Ottoman masters did not just use fire to harden the steel. They also had special techniques for processing steel.Since these techniques were in the production of swords, the enemies never learned how the Ottomans used such durable and advanced swords for many years. Although Ottoman swords were examined after the wars, these processes did not show exactly how the swords were produced.Dirilis Osman Gazi swords are the first examples of Ottoman swords. After the Dirilis swords, we can say that the Ottoman masters improved themselves both in terms of shape and quality.

Ottoman swords on our site were produced by using traditional Ottoman sword production techniques.We combined steel hardening techniques used by the Ottoman masters with today’s design technology and made it a very valuable decorative item for you and your loved ones.

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