Hazrat Abu Bakr Sword

There are many war tools used by human beings throughout history. Swords are one of the most used tools in wars that shaped world history especially before the invention of firearms. Swords have always been considered sacred to many nations, states, and religions. One of those who consider swords holy is Muslims.

According to Muslims, war was fought for Allah. This understanding is called as jihad in the literature. According to the jihad philosophy, Muslims fight in the battles in order to gain the appreciation of Allah. Soldiers or other people who die with this understanding are considered martyrs. Hazrat Abu Bakr, one of the first Muslims, participated in wars in the first years of Islam with the philosophy of jihad. Hazrat Abu Bakr was the first caliph of the Islamic world. He ruled the Islamic state after the death of Prophet Muhammad. The Islamic state, which had a difficult time with the death of the Prophet Muhammad, started to gain power again with the efforts of Hazrat Abu Bakr.

Collectors and people with an interest in history want to have copies of the swords of important people in history. Because the true owners of these swords in history had many superior features. Hazrat Abu Bakr was one of these important people. We decided to produce Hazrat Abu Bakr sword among our new models. We designed and produced Hazrat Abu Bakr sword by synthesizing the information we gathered from many reliable historical sources.  You can also print any text you want on the Hazrat Abu Bakr sword like in our other sword models.

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