Hazrat Umar Sword

There are a few people in the history of Islam who are very important both with their character and their military and political careers. One of these people was Hazrat Umar. We write about his political and military career before we talk about the Hazrat Umar sword. He became the second caliph of Islam after the death of Hazrat Abu Bakr.

He added Iran, Iraq, Syria and Egypt to the Islamic lands.  Jerusalem, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Khorasan, Alexandria were conquered in his time.

The Islamic state experienced many innovations during his caliphate period. He is the first Islamic president to make written decisions,  meet with the commander and governors and produce money belonging to the Islamic state.

Umar tortured Muslims a lot before he became a Muslim. His conversion to Islam helped Muslims to gain strength because he was one of the people famous for his power and influence.

Umar would listen to Pophet Muhammad while he was reading Quran. Umar did not become a Muslim immediately although he was impressed by the Qur’an he listened. He wen to Kaaba with muslims and prayed publicly on the first day after he became a muslim. He was always with Muhammad and never left him. He took part in all the wars in which Muhammad was involved.  Hazrat Umar used his own sword in these battles. The reason he was so successful was because of his bravery and ability to use swords. That’s why the Hazrat Umar sword is one of the most sought after sword types by collectors.

Hazrat Umar sword for sale on our site is produced in 90 cm size like other swords on the site. The original Hazrat Umar sword is different from this size, we use traditional methods and techniques while producing the Hazrat Umar sword. If you wish, you can print any text or name you want on the Hazrat Umar sword while ordering.

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