History of the Turkish Sword

Swords which have expressed the concepts of “sovereignty” and “independence” since ancient times have a different history and value in every nation.This sword has a long and curved appearance. It is accepted that the hilt and ballet are a complete prototype of later Turkish swords.Another known fact about the sword is that the sword has a scabbard with three bracelets.Orta Asya’daki heykellerin birçoklarının kılıç kullandıklarını görüyoruz.The fact that the statues have swords in the region, which is considered the homeland of the Turks, gives information about the war traditions of the Turks. In addition, the use of swords in the sculptures shows that people are identified with their weapons.This is not something that contradicts the Turks who are known for their warrior characteristics.Most of the statues found in Altay, Tuva and Mongolia regions are known to carry a curved sword in a scabbard attached to the waist belt with two straps.

According to the information in ancient Chinese sources; In the trade between the Chinese and the Turks, sword was among the goods that were bought from the Huns and transported to China.It is stated that the Turkish swords after Islam are connected to Central Asia due to their origin and brought through the tribes that came.  The swords of the Turkish societies from the Volga tribes, who went to Europe via Southern Russia, and the swords of the Turks who accepted Islam and entered the Islamic culture had the same origin and nature.As the swords belonging to Selçuk and Atabey came from the same type and source, Ottoman swords also carried the traces of the Kayı Tribe.Swords belonging to the age of Çagatay, Timur and their sons have the same development stage as the Ottoman swords.

During the period of Babur (Baboon) and his sons, the Turkish sword gained its most sophisticated shape. In time, this sword model managed to appear in miniatures, one of Iran’s most important arts. Iranian artists began to show their admiration for the Turkish sword in their artworks.It is mentioned in Turkish, Chinese and Arab sources that the ancestors of Turks were blacksmiths.

Turkish sword has a mechanic not seen in swords of other nations.Using this sword requires great skill and knowledge.The most important feature of the Turkish sword is that it is curved.The emphasis on straight medieval swords was the weight and impact effect. The important point in curved Turkish swords is that the warrior uses the sword in the most effective way by moving his wrist easily.Turks had a common tradition of using swords.The most common of these was to write the name of the owner of the sword, a prayer or a verse from the Quran on the sword.According to the Turks, a sword without prayer and verse was just a substance. However, a sword with prayer or verse on it was also a symbol of spiritual power.

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