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If you are reading this article, you probably want to buy a sword, but you want to do some research to decide it. We have decided to write such an article to help you with your decision.We would like to introduce ourselves to you before your order. We are a company that produces swords, especially Turkish swords, in Yatağan which is located in Denizli, Turkey. We are both manifacturer and seller. We have been making Turkish swords for about 40 years in Yatağan.  Ottoman swords used to be produced in Yatağan, especially during the foundation of the Ottoman state.Today, real swords that are used for decorative purposes are produced with traditional methods in this town.

After introducing ourselves, we can now describe how to buy Ottoman swords on . Our website has categories such as Ertugrul Swords, Ottoman Swords, Other Turkish Swords and other sword models. In the Ertugrul Swords category, there are Ertugrul Gazi’s Sword, Dirilis Ertugrul’s Sword, Turgut Alp’s Axe, Genuine Leather Scabbard and Handmade Scabbard. In the Ottoman Swords Category, there are Establishment Osman Sword, Fatih Sultan Mehmet’s Sword, Kilij, Ottoman Elif Sword, Shamshir Sword, Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror Sword, Sultan Selim III’s Sword, Turkish Kilij, Yatagan Sword, Yellow Yatagan Sword, Damascus Turkish Sword, Genuine Leather Scabbard and Handmade Scabbard.We produce and sell not only Turkish swords but also Islamic swords.  In the Islamic Sword Category, there are Hazrat Osman’s Sword, Imam Ali’s Sword Zulfiqar.
You can buy also scabbard, axes and daggers as well as Islamic or Turkish Swords on

If you want to ask something about our products before ordering, you can reach our support team from the live chat section of our site. You can also reach our customer suppor team by clicking the social media buttons on the top left of the site. To order, you need to add your choice to the shopping cart. If you are going to buy more than one product, after doing the same thing, you can find them in the upper right corner of the site on “Your Shopping Cart”

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