Osman Swords and Weapons

Swords, shields, and armor were the most important combat items needed to win battles in history. Apart from the combat capabilities of soldiers in the army, the most important thing was undoubtedly vital for soldiers to have better weapons and equipment than their enemies.Turks have been known for their brave and warrior characteristics throughout the history. However, this is not a sufficient statement  to express the talents of the Turks. Because the Turks were warriors and brave, they also had highly developed skills in production. One of these abilities is that they produce advanced warequipments  beyond their era.Thanks to these abilities, Turks have achieved great victories in wars and many war equipments, especially the Turkish swords, have been liked even by their enemies.

The greatest weapons of the armies were their swords and shields, especially in the times when industrial weapons such as guns and rifles were not invented yet. Besides these weapons, armies used horses in wars. Using sword while riding a horse was another advanced skill of Turks.We have seen the ability of Turks to ride horses and use swords with the popular Turkish TV series Kuruluş Osman.The subject of the series is how the Ottoman State, which would live for 600 years, was founded by Osman. How Osman I fought in wars, his horse riding ability and his ability to use swords are highly appreciated by the followers of the series. Turkish swords and other war equipments used in Kuruluş Osman, which is a series especially watched by the audience who are interested in history, are also appreciated by the audience.

In addition to the battle scenes in the series, you can also see the sword production scenes from time to time in the series, which also shows sections from the lives of the Turks before the establishment of the Ottoman state. As in these scenes, which give clues about traditional Turkish sword production, we apply these traditional techniques in order to produce Turkish swords on our website. Firstly, processes such as wetting the steel, heating and forging are the most important steps in Turkish sword production.

We can say that it is the first example of Ottoman swords for Osman Gazi’s sword.Although the first Ottoman swords were similar to the swords of the Seljuks, which had great power before the Ottoman state, Ottoman masters developed new methods and techniques in sword production with the growth of the Ottoman state.That’s why we can say that Osman Gazi’s sword is slightly different from the swords used in the following years.

Where are Ottoman Swords produced?

The swords, which are a classic combat instrument, are still produced today in many parts of the world by adhering to traditional methods. Although their numbers are decreasing day by day, sword craftmen  want to transfer their craft to other generations.One of these locations is Yatağan town in Turkey.The town of Yatağan is located in the city of Denizli.The town has more importance than many big cities in Ottoman history. Because almost all of the swords used especially in the first years of the Ottoman were produced in this town. The masters in Yatağan were very skilled in machining steel. The fact that the Yatağan was in an important geopolitical position made this region the sword center of the Ottomans. As swordbuy.com we are in Yatağan, Denizli. We mean that we are the center of the Turkish swords.

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