Although swords are no longer used in wars today, they attract many people with their shape, size, characteristics and history. Civilizations have always used their own swords throughout world history. They not only trained their soldiers on how to use the sword, but also trained masters for sword production. Civilizations whicg are superior in both sword use and sword production have always had victories and achievements that shaped world history. One of the sword families used by successful civilizations is curved swords. Curved swords are also known as Scimitar swords in many reliable sources. The states in history called the scimitar swords with the word "sword" in their language. Because for them the "sword" is always curved.

Two of the most common examples of the Scimitar sword are Shamshir and Kilij. The word shamshir is a Persian  Word. It means sword in Persian. It refers to a curved-edged sword as well as a straight-edged sword. Shamshir swords became popular in the 16th century. Kilij is a kind of scimitar swords used by the Turks and the Ottoman Empire. It appeared in the 15th century. Kilij is a unique type of scimitar that shows a slight taper in the flat part of the blade to the last third of the sword when it is made at a sharp angle and deepened. Using this type of scimitar is much more difficult than using many other sword types. Therefore, during the Ottoman period, the soldiers were trained hard in swordsmanship. Being able to use this superior feature would always make the army has more advantage against the enemy.

We can also see Scimitar swords in popular culture. These sword types can be seen in many computer games, mobile games, animations and movies. For example, Old School RuneScape, very popular online game, includes Scimitar Sword.  It is the sword used by pirates in Redwall which is children's animated series. The Scimitar sword was the standard weapon of Azeem Edin Bashir Al Bakir in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

Sicimitar sword can also be seen on the flags of many countries or armies. Pakistan Army Flag,General Flag of the Persian Army Corps and Bangladesh Army Badge have Scimitar sword

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