The Features of Turkish Sword Kilij

Throughout history, every nation has had an army as the age requires. The armament of armies took different forms in different periods.The processing of metal by human beings dates back thousands of years. One of the most important of these processes is the processing of steel. Even in the 21st century, steel is processed and offered to the usagae of human beings in many areas.Steel has been the most important and useful raw material used throughout history. The states that processed steel in the best way and made the most use of steel were the strongest states of their age.  In short, those who ruled the steel were able to rule over others.

What made steel so important was its usage in wars. The swords used by soldiers have been made of steel for centuries. This situation continued until the last days of swords, which are no longer used in the battlefield with the development of technology. In other words, the last swords used in wars were made of steel.

After writing the importance of steel and sword in history, let’s write about the importance of the sword for Turks and the features of the Turkish sword.Throughout history, Turks have always managed to establish a independent state. They never agreed to live under dominations of other states. These principles caused them to constantly fight with other states and tribes.Throughout history, Turks have always managed to establish a free state. They never agreed to live under the auspices of another state. These principles caused them to constantly fight with other states and tribes.One of these handicrafts was undoubtedly to make the most advanced swords of the period by using steel in the best way.

Especially in the Ottoman and Seljuk period, great importance was attached to sword design and production. A certain city or village in the country would only be busy producing swords.The swords produced in these regions were produced not for the personal armament of the people, but for the war equipment need of the army. Turkish swords are light, durable and flexible. Since the swords produced for the needs of the army were for the use of soldiers, they had a certain standard. However, the swords of sultans, princes, other commanders or aghas who took part in wars were produced according to their own wishes and preferences.Therefore, as you can see on our site, the swords of important people are written with their names. We pay attention that the swords on our site are produced exactly the same as the originals.

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