Many people started to be interested in Turkish history due to the series Resurrection: Ertugrul, one of the most popular series of recent years. The series broadcast on Turkish state television shows how skillful the Turks are in fighting.

The subject of the series is how much the father of Osman Bey, the founder of the Ottoman State, tried to bring the Turkish tribes together before the Ottoman state and what difficulties he overcame. One of the most striking characters after Ertuğrul in the series is undoubtedly Turgut Alp.

In this article, we will give you information about Targut Alp and Turgut Alp Axe. First, we will give information about Turgut Alp. There is very little information about Turgut Alp's life. This information is so little that some sources state that Turgut Alp and the Turgut Alp Axe are a legend.

As it is known, Turkish warriors named themselves "Alp" in the post-Islamic Turkish History.In other words, the word "alp" is a definition expressing warriorism in Turks.The title of "Alp" in Turgut Alp's name was given to him due to his being a successful warrior.In addition, the title of "Alp" indicates that he or his father has a principality in the service of the Seljuk State.

Turgut Alp was Gazi Ertugrul, the leader of Turkish Kayı Tribe. He was a great warrior who served first to Gazi Ertugrul and then to his son, Gazi Osman.  Turgut Alp made his name known with his relentlessness against the Byzantine legions in wars he participated with Osman Gazi. Later, He was assigned to the conquest of Inegol. In some historical records, the town of Inegol is mentioned as the Turgut’s city.

It is mentioned thatAya Nikola, the city's dignity, was executed due to his hostile actions against the Turks during the conquest of Inegol and the management of the city was given to Turgut Alp.After that, Turgut Alp joined the conquest of Atranos (Orhaneli) alongside Orhan Gazi.The conquest of Atranos facilitated the conquest of Bursa. It is known that Turgut Alp was alive in in 1334 but it is understood that he was quite old. There are also some rumors about his relationship with Geyikli Baba, one of the dervishes living near the Keshish Mountain in the vicinity of Inegol. According to some sources he died in 1335. Turgut Alp, who served three different Kayı Beys, was probably over 100 years old when he died.

Turgut Alp's axe became popular an item that the audience want to have thanks to a Turkish TV series about the pre-establishment of the Ottoman state. There is the symbol of Kayi tribe, a Turkish tribeon Turgut Alp axe. This symbol is still used today as one of the symbols of Turkishness.This symbol is a symbol that appears as IYI. You can see the Turgut Alp Axe for sale on your website. If you want to see the prices of Turgut Alp Axe for sale CLICK HERE

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