Turkish Sword and Historical Facts

Turkish Sword

Before the Industrial Revolution, many tools in every field were handmade products. Because the machine production culture had not started yet and people used to produce in small workshops. War tools were also produced in workshops. One of the last war tools produced by hand in wars in world history was swords. Swords were one of the war tools that required skill both in production and use. One of the biggest secrets of the Turks, who won very important military victories throughout history, was that the best quality swords of the period were used by the most skillful soldiers. Turkish swords were always one of the best quality war tools of their time. Turkish soldiers received special training to use Turkish swords.

Today, even if swords are not used in wars, their production continues for many different reasons. Swords of many countries are still produced today. Turkish swords are also produced in Turkey by Turkish sword masters. The descendants of the sword masters of the Ottoman and Seljuk periods produce swords with traditional methods in cities where swords were produced at that time.

How to buy Turkish Sword

One of the cities where Turkish swords were produced the most during the Ottoman and Anatolian Seljuks period is Denizli, Turkey. The people of this region have trained swordsmen for centuries, and this profession has often been inherited from father to son. Even if the sword masters who produce Turkish swords today design their products in digitally with the development of technology, their production is completely handmade with traditional methods.

Today’s Turkish sword manufacturers also take advantage of technological opportunities to sell their products. They can sell their products by advertising their products on the internet from their own company’s shopping sites or in international online marketplaces. Thus, swords produced in Turkey are shipped all over the world.

One of the companies that send their products all over the world over the internet is SwordBuy. SwordBuy sells the swords they produce in accordance with Turkish traditions on this website.

Turkish Swords Prices

Turkish swords prices may vary according to the sizes and models of the products. All sword models on Swordbuy.com are produced in both life-size and miniature versions.Osman Bey sword, Ertugrul Bey sword and Conqueror Sultan Mehmet swords are among the most popular Turkish swords on swordbuy.com.

Turkish swords prices may vary according to the material in their handles as well as their varieties. The handles of swords are usually made of wood. However, some special models have handles made of brass or bone. The prices of such special-handled Turkish swords are more expensive than wooden-handled swords.

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