Turkish Swords used throughout history

In addition to their fighting ability, Turks are also very skilled in producing war tools. In many important wars that shaped history, Turks used superior war tools and fighting techniques. Turks, who are fond of their freedom, have had to fight throughout history due to these characteristics.

In this article, we would like to briefly introduce the most important and most useful Turkish swords used by Turks throughout history.

Kilij: It is one of the oldest known models used in Turkish history. It is one of the Turkish sword models that date back to the Asian Huns.  Kilij is also the oldest model of the yalmanli (yalman means the part where both sides of the tip of the sword are sharp.) According to some rumors, it is even said that our ancestors who fought with this sword divided their enemy’s body into two.

Heavy Kilij: This sword was produced by the Turkish tribes in Central Asia. The most important feature of Heavy Kilij is that “yalman”  is very dominant and heavy. The sword, which has a mix of sword and ax design, has become very popular recently. The biggest reason for its popularity is that it was used in 300 Sparta movie. However, it should be known that the sword was known as a Turkish sword before the movie.

Yataghan Sword: Yataghan sword is one of the best known sword models of Turks. Because this sword was used in the heyday of the Ottoman state. Many important battles were won with this sword. The most important feature of the sword is that it has a curved appearance starting from the centre. This curve resembling the back is also called the Turkish curve. The fact that it is difficult to use due to its curvature requires a special mastery of use for this sword.

Gaddare:  It is one of the heaviest sword models among Turkish swords. The sword was so heavy that it was carried during the walk as today’s rifles are carried on the shoulder. Due to its weight, it was often held with two hands and, it could only be thrown at the enemy as such after being turned overhead.

Shamshir Sword :  Shashmir, which has a curved structure, took this name from Persian. Shasmir means sword in Persian. The history of the sword dates back to Central Asia in the 800’s.

Karabela Sword: The most important feature that distinguishes from other types is that Karabela has a metal handle. It is the most admired Turkish sword among Europeans.

Dimishki: This sword is made of damascus which is the strongest steel in the World. It takes its name from this sword type. The sword used in the struggles of the Crusades made a great impression in Europe when the knights told about this sword when they returned to their countries.

Mamluk sword: It is a type of sword derived by the Mamluks who ruled Egypt. The most important feature of the Mamluk sword is that it is curved outward and light.

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