Where are Turkish Swords produced?

Turks had many military victories throughout history thanks to warrior abilities and characters. Another characteristic of the Turks was their superior abilities in producing weapon tools.The more robust and useful the weapons in the soldiers’ hands, the higher their chances of winning the war.One of these weapons was the swords used in wars for centuries. In the periods when swords were most used in wars, nations that were superior in sword production always had more advantages in wars.

The Turks, who knew and were aware of this, had masters to produce swords.These masters both made swords for armies and trained apprentices to produce swords. Thus, more swords were produced in a short time with more people. Most of the men whom the sword masters taught this profession were the boys of the masters.

So who are the people who produce Turkish swords today? Where are Turkish swords produced? How are Turkish swords produced? Now we try to answer these questions in the rest of this article. Today, the majority of Turkish swords and Ottoman swords are produced in the town of Yatağan in Denizli. Yatağan was a major sword production center, especially during the Ottoman period. A large part of the army’s need for weapons, especially the swords of the Janissaries, was met from this region.As we mentioned above, , this profession is taught by fathers to their sons today, just as it was during the age of Ottoman.  We can say that today’s Turkish sword kilij masters in the Yatağan region are the grandchildren of sword masters living in the Ottoman state.Their grandchildren still produce handmade Turkish swords using traditional methods that they learned from them.

Yatağan is a town in Serinhisar District of Denizli Province in the Aegean region of Turkey.Serinhisar and its surroundings was founded by Oguz Turks.  The district lands are close to the Mediterranean Region in the south direction of Denizli.The district of Serinhisar is surrounded by Denizli in the north, Acıpayam in the south, Tavas in the west, and Yeşilyuva town of Acıpayam in the east.In addition to kilij production, there are other products produced according to Turkish traditions in the district. These are chickpeas, knives and pickles. In the production of these products, traditional methods, which have been used for centuries, are used just like Turkish swords.

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