Where did Zulfiqar Sword come from?

Where did Zulfiqar Sword come from?

There are dozens of interesting war instruments in the history of world warfare. The biggest features of these interesting war tools is that  they are used for the same purpose as their counterparts, but they can have different in design from casual models. One of these interesting war tools is the Zulfiqar sword. Zulfiqar Sword is an Islamic sword. There are many rumors about this sword. Which of these rumors is more likely to be true is not exactly known.

The most accurate and most important fact known about the Zulfiqar sword is that the design of the sword was very different from the swords of that period. The Zulfiqar sword has a fork-like shape. While almost all other swords have a single edge, the Zulfiqar sword has two sharp blades.

In Islamic history, the sword of Zulfikar is known as the sword of Imam Ali. That’s why the sword is also called Imam Ali sword in some sources. This sword is one of the most popular swords in the Islamic world. There are many reasons why the sword is so popular. According to the strongest narration, the Prophet Muhammad gifted the sword to Imam Ali at the Uhud War. Despite the 70 wounds he received on his body, Imam Ali protected the Prophet Muhammad. After the war, Prohet Muhammad give Zulfiqar to Ali.

The Zulfiqar sword is one of the war tools that continues to be produced even though it is not used in wars today. Although people do not plan to kill their enemies with these swords, they would like to have different types of swords for different purposes. These purposes are usually to give a gift or add a piece to the collection.

How to buy Zulfiqar sword online

In this age where it is very easy to access information, people can have many things they want thanks to the internet. One of the most difficult and rare subjects is purchasing a Zulfiqar sword. You can own one of the most interesting swords that impress people with its design and rumors about it, on the Internet. The main purpose of this article is to introduce you to a website where you can buy this sword and other Ottoman swords and Turkish swords. SwordBuy sells the swords they produce on the swordbuy.com online shopping site. Since SwordBuy.com has a simple interface, it is quite easy to order. You can also engrave the name, logo and word you want on the site. Thus, the Zulfiqar sword can be a personalized item for you or for the person you are gifting.

Zulfiqar Sword for Gift

If you want to buy a surprising gift for your friend, Imam Ali sword may be an option for you. Do not forget that he will be very happy to receive a gift he has never seen before. All you have to do to purchase such a gift is to visit swordbuy.com. In addition to the Zulfiqar sword, you can easily find the swords of important people in both Islamic and Turkish history on the website. Perfect piece for your sword collection.

How strong is Zulfikar Sword?

The Zulfikar sword is one piece, full tang.  The handle part was specially designed by taking parts from a few type of wood and mounted on the sword. Another feature we have added to our sword is that we have applied the aging process. Also we have started to make Imam Ali Sword from damascus steel. This process, which we have done carefully and meticulously, is also very much appreciated by you.

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