Who is Released by Ertugrul?

As many people who are interested in history know very well, there are many successful leaders in Turkish history. Their courageous personalities certainly played a role in this. With a recently popular TV series, a Turkish hero is spoken by many. The name of this series is Diriliş (Resurrection in English): Ertuğrul series.  Ertuğrul was subjected to many political intrigues and many times wanted to be killed by his enemies.That’s why his life has been the subject of  movies and television series.

Resurrection Ertuğrul shows the life of Ertuğrul Gazi, the leader of a Turkish tribe, and his struggle against his enemies. In this article, we will write briefly about the life of Diriliş Ertuğrul. His father was Gündüzalp , his mother was Hayme Ana (Ana means Mom in English) and his wife was Halime Hatun (Hatun means “wife” in English). The most important thing to know about Ertuğrul Gazi is that he was  father of Osman Bey, the founder of the Ottoman Empire.Most of the preparations for establishing a state were made during the time of Ertuğrul Bey. The greatest hero of these preparations was Ertuğrul Gazi. It was Ertuğrul’s biggest dream to establish a stable and regular state. However, his son Osman Bey realized this dream.Ertuğrul’s other sons were Saru Batu Savcı Bey and Gündüz Bey. Ertuğrul Gazi’s brothers were Sungur Tekin,Gundogdu and Dundar.

In the IXth century, the ancestors of Ertuğrul Gazi settled in the city of Merv / Mohan of the Khorasan (Turkmenistan) region with the effect of the Mongol invasion along with other Oghuz tribes, approximately 50 thousand or 70 thousand households.In the second half of the XI century, they reached Ahlat, located west of Lake Van in Eastern Anatolia, with the Seljuks.  They migrated to Erzurum and Erzincan after living in this region for a while. Then they moved to Halep (Aleppo).   After Gündüzalp’s death, the tribe was divided. The tribe in which Ertuğrul Gazi, his mother Hayme Ana and his younger brother Dündarwere  lived in Sürmeliçukur for a while and then moved to the west.The name of this tribe was Kayıhanlılar tribe.The leader of the tribe was Ertuğrul.At a time when the Seljuk State came under the rule of the Mongols (in the period of collapse), while the Turkish principalities in Anatolia left the Seljuks, Ertuğrul Gazi showed loyalty and continued his activities as a frontier lord of the Seljuks.

Ertuğrul Gazi bequeathed his son Osman Gazi a small principality, experienced commanders, a good reputation and an environment suitable for conquest.He was a true Turkmen nobleman and a great believer who devoted his life to his nation.  He was generous, compassionate, intelligent, compassionate, open-hearted, sincere, patient and he was a virtuous person. For all these reasons, Ertuğrul’s life today is the subject of TV series and movies.

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