Who is Hazrat Uthman? Hazrat Uthman’s Life

Hazrat Uthman is the third caliph who took over the Islamic state after Prophet Muhammad’s death.He was born in 580 in Taif, Saudi Arabia.He was the son of one of the wealthy families of the Quraysh. His father’s name was Affan.His father, Affan, died in the pre-Islamic period.Hazrat Uthman’s mother, Ervâ bint Küreyz, was the daughter of Ummu Hakîm Beyza bint Abdulmuttalib, the aunt of the Prophet Muhammad.He was 6 years younger than the Prophet Muhammad. He traded with his father during his youth.He became one of the important merchants of Mecca before Islam.

Hazrat Uthman went to Prophet Muhammadwith the invitation of Hazrat Abu Bakr and became a muslim.  He was one of the first ten people to accept Islam.His acceptance of Islamhad a great impact among the Quraysh people as he was of notables.

His uncle, Hakem b. Ebü’l-Âs, tortured him to give up his religion brutally. When he said that he would not break his bonds until he gave his religion, he opposed his uncle. When his uncle realized that he would not give up his religion and could not persuade Uthman, he released him.  His mother also tried hard to make him give up his religion, but he did not abandon his religion and Prophet Muhammed. He married Prophet Muhammad’s daughter, Rukiyye after a short while. He migrated to Abyssinia with his wife in the first group in the 5th year of Islam.  He was given the name of Abu Abdullah because of his son Abdullah, who was born in Abyssinia and died in the 4th year of the Migration.  He returned from Abyssinia to Mecca a year later and then migrated to Madinah. Uthman, who stayed with Abu Talha in Medina, did not accept any help from the Muslims.Uthman man, who showed his skills in trade, bought his own house in a short time and taught the people of Medina, who had been farmers before.He taught the people of Madinah how to be a merchant, and the commercial affairs of the Jews passed into the hands of the Muslims.

Hazrat Uthman’s insightful aunt said that he would marry a prophet’s daughter. Osma told this matter to Hazrat Abu Bakr. Hazrat Abu Bakr stated that the aunt could tell the truth and introduced him to Prophet Muhammad.  Hz. Uthman was the fifth of the first Muslims. He was 34 years old when he accepted Islam.No one in her family, except her aunt and half-sister, supported her being a Muslim.Hazrat Uthman’s wife Rukiyye died after the Battle of Badr. The Prophet Muhammad could not reach his daughter’s funeral. The Prophet Muhammad get married his other daughter, Ummu Gulsum, to Uthman.In this respect, he was called “Zinnynreyn”, meaning the owner of two lights, because he had the blessing of marrying two daughters of the Prophet.

Hz. Uthman was killed by non-Muslims while reading the Quran at his home in Medina on July 17, 656 when he was 76.

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