Why are Turkish swords popular?

Turkish swords are among the most well-known swords both in history and today.  Few nations in history have had world-famous war tools. One of these tools is Turkish swords. Without writing the answers to the question of why Turkish swords are so popular, let’s mention the biggest rival of the Turkish sword.The biggest rival of the Turkish swordis undoubtedly the katana, known as the samurai sword oth in terms of popularity and usability.  The rivalry between the famous Chinese sword Katana and the Turkish sword actually symbolizes the historical rivalries of the two nations.For example, the Great Wall of China, which is one of the world heritages, was built to protect against Turkish attacks. After writing the biggest rival of the Turkish sword, we can examine the reasons why the Turkish sword is popular.

Turkish sword is also known as kilij or kilij.  The biggest reason why the Turkish sword is popular is the superior abilities of the Turks in producing and using swords. Throughout history, Turks, who attach great importance to war tools and techniques, have used both different war tools and advanced war techniques in different periods of history. There was a special group of craftsmen to meet the weapon needs of the Turkish army, who attach great importance to the art of fighting. One of these craftsmen was sword masters.  Turks used different swords in different parts of history. However, there were two great states where swords were used by the Turks in the most skillful way. These were Seljuks and Ottomans. Both the Seljuks and the Ottomans were mostly superior to their enemies thanks to the war tools they used and the techniques they developed. Therefore, we can say that the most important things that led both states to great success were war techniques and superior war tools.

A second reason for the popularity of Turkish sword in recent years is the heroic and historical series in Turkey. Resurrection: Ertugrul and Foundaiton: Ottoman series, have been appreciated by audiences who are from Turkey and other countries. After a while, the majority of the series viewers have become to the fans of the series.What matters to them is no longer just the fun of watching a TV show. For these fans, the lives of actors and actresses, their adventures in their real lives, even the weapons and clothes they use in the series are also important.

The last reason why Turkish Kilijs are so popular is the material that they use.  We can say that Turks have great in sword production. The biggest reason for this is that they know very well how to process the steel which is used in Kilij production. Swords have been made from different raw materials throughout history. It is known as the last period in which swords were used in wars before the industrial revolution. In those days when the swords were used in battlefields, they were made of stainless steel. The steel was heat treated and forged. These processes would make the steel both durable and flexible. The more flexible and durable a sword is, the more fortunate the soldier is to defeat the enemy.As Swordbuy.com, we produce Turkish swords for you using these traditional methods.

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