Why is Hazrat Uthman an important person in Islamic History?

Hazrat Uthman was the third caliph of Islam after Hazrat Abu Bakr and Hazrat Omar. He was an adviser to the two caliphs before him.


When Hz Omar, who was the caliph before him, was assassinated in Medina on 3 November 644. Uthman became the caliph in 644 and served as caliph for 12 years. When Hazrat Uthman became the caliph, Hazrat Ali, who was thought to be the caliph with him, also paid allegiance to him. The longest caliphate among the four caliphs was that of Hazrat Uthman.

The first six years of Uthman’s caliphate passed with conquests. An important part of Africa was conquered during this time. First Muslim migrations were launched into Spain. Cyprus has been conquered.  Cyprus was conquered. In addition, The Armenian people, who rebelled after Omar’s death, were obeyed. Taberistan was conquered.

One of the most important events of this period was the confrontation between the Islamic navy and the Byzantine navy in the Mediterranean and the defeat of the 500-piece Byzantine navy by the Islamic navy.  This victory enabled Muslims to travel in Mediterranean comfortably. Muslims reached to Malta and Crete. In the meantime, while a group of Muslims went to the Anatolian castles, another group reached the Istanbul’s walls. During Uthman’s caliphate, the provincial system was consolidated. The islamic country divided into two system as civil and administrative.  The first Islamic navy was established by Muawiya during Uthman’s caliphate. The Islamic state expanded, Khorasan, India, Transoxiana, the Caucasus, the island of Cyprus and many parts of North Africa were conquered during his caliphate.  He minted the first Islamic money and expanded the area of Kaaba and Masjid Nabawi. The Quran was made into a book by Hazrat Ebubekir. Uthmanhad it copied and sent it to important centers.

The Prophet Muhammad advised him not to leave the caliphate when some people would ask him to leave the caliphate. Hazrat Uthman was a person whom the prophet Muhammad gave the good news of heaven.

Hazrat Uthman offered plenty of treats to people in-need to be grateful for his wealth, but he lived quite modestly. As a result of the rebellion initiated by the defeatists, they robbed Uthman’s house and plundered the State treasury. Many people died because of this rebellion. The death body of the caliph could not be buried for 3 days.

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