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05 Feb Establishment Ottoman Sword
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Osman I lived between 1258-1326. He was born in Sogut and died in Bursa,Turkey. He founded the Ottoman Empire in 1299. He was a great Turkish leader.  In this article, we write about a hero who has be..
05 Feb Why are Turkish swords popular?
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Turkish swords are among the most well-known swords both in history and today.  Few nations in history have had world-famous war tools. One of these tools is Turkish swords. Without writing the answer..
05 Feb Resurrection Sword and Ertugrul Gazi
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 Ertuğrul Gazi is a Turkish leader who lived in the 13th century. He struggled hard to bring together the scattered Turkish tribes at that time. However, the most important thing to know about Ertuğru..
05 Feb Who is Dirilis Ertugrul?
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As many people who are interested in history know very well, there are many successful leaders in Turkish history. Their courageous personalities certainly played a role in this. With a recently popul..
05 Feb Turkish Swords for Sale
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Swords, which have been used for many years throughout history, are now produced and sold as decoration items, gifts or collections today.  Swords were produced and used in different ways by many nati..
05 Feb Hazrat Umar Sword
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There are a few people in the history of Islam who are very important both with their character and their military and political careers. One of these people was Hazrat Umar. We write about his politi..
05 Feb Turkish Swords used throughout history
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In addition to their fighting ability, Turks are also very skilled in producing war tools. In many important wars that shaped history, Turks used superior war tools and fighting techniques. Turks, who..
05 Feb Hazrat Abu Bakr Sword
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There are many war tools used by human beings throughout history. Swords are one of the most used tools in wars that shaped world history especially before the invention of firearms. Swords have alway..
05 Feb Scimitar Sword
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Although swords are no longer used in wars today, they attract many people with their shape, size, characteristics and history. Civilizations have always used their own swords throughout world history..
05 Feb Who is Osman Gazi? Life of Osman Gazi
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Osman Gazi, one of the most important names in history, was the son of Ertuğrul Gazi and Halime Hatun.He was born in Söğüt in 1258. He took the power from his father Ertugrul Gazi and made his plans a..
05 Feb Things to Know About Turkish Swords
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Swords were the most common war tools used by humankind before firearms.  States produced different shapes of swords according to their army structures. Each state had its own way of producing and usi..
05 Feb Parts of Turkish Swords
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Swords were the most widely used war tools throughout history. Especially between the 11th and 18th centuries, swords played a major role in the important wars that shaped history. Talented soldiers, ..
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