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05 Feb History of the Turkish Sword
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Swords which have expressed the concepts of "sovereignty" and "independence" since ancient times have a different history and value in every nation.This sword has a long and curved appearance. It is a..
05 Feb Why is Hazrat Uthman an important person in Islamic History?
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Hazrat Uthman was the third caliph of Islam after Hazrat Abu Bakr and Hazrat Omar. He was an adviser to the two caliphs before him.When Hz Omar, who was the caliph before him, was assassinated in Medi..
05 Feb Turgut Alp Axe
Many people started to be interested in Turkish history due to the series Resurrection: Ertugrul, one of the most popular series of recent years. The series broadcast on Turkish state television shows..
05 Feb Who is Hazrat Uthman? Hazrat Uthman's Life
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Hazrat Uthman is the third caliph who took over the Islamic state after Prophet Muhammad’s death.He was born in 580 in Taif, Saudi Arabia.He was the son of one of the wealthy families of the Quraysh. ..
05 Feb Ottaman Kilij;  Yataghan Sword
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Yatagan sword is a famous and effective type of sword that was widely used in the Ottoman period from the 16th to the 19th century. One of the first known yataghan swords is the sword made by master A..
05 Feb Shamsir Sword
"Shamsir sword" is the general name of the sword that the Turks made inspired by the Iranian sword. Although the origin of the Shamsir sword is based on Persian civilization, They were the Turks who m..
05 Feb Turks’ Approach to Swords
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Turks have always approached all of their belongings with a sense of beauty and quality, from the socks they wear to the weapons they use. For this reason, Turkish swords have been accepted not only a..
05 Feb Nice gifts for the office: Turkish Swords
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The changes in people's living conditions cause changes in their interests and favorite things in many areas. This is the case from household items to food. One of the changing fields is people's gift..
05 Feb How to buy Resurrection: Ertugrul Sword
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In recent years, people's interests and likes in many areas have changed. We can say that these areas are not only areas such as food, clothing or cars, but also different areas of pleasure such as de..
05 Feb Yataghan Swords for Sale
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Steel and iron, which are the most used materials throughout human history, have sometimes witnessed and sometimes caused the realization of many historical events. Because iron and steel are used as ..
08 Apr Information About Turkish Kilij, Impressive Features Of Turkish Kilij Sword
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The blade structure of  Turkish kilij sword's called Yelman or Yalman (false edge) that adds to the cutting power of the sword and in particular to its thrusting capabilities. It goes without saying t..
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