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  About Material Damascus Steel ( CUSTOM ) ( HIDDEN) Whole Size (approximately) 90 cm Handle Walnut Root   Side Of Handle    Yellow Meterial ..
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Brand: SwordBuy
 It is  produced according to sizes of the sword in your cart. It has two belt holes in order to wear it. This product can be purchased as an extra.Scabbard Sales Web Site- Swordbuy.comDo you want a great scabbard? Then welcome to our site because you will love the kn..
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Damascus Steel

Recently, people prefer to use items belonging to the past culture as decoration in their houses or offices.In addition, swords can be a good option for you if you want to have an extraordinary collection that is different from ordinary collections.

We can see a large number of options that are extremely durable and have reflected the production culture. One of these cultural elements is damascus steel.In this article, we will write about how damascus steel and damascus sword are produced, its stages and methods of productions.  Basically, damascus steel is a type of steel that is strengthened by heavily forged and hydrated.  This strengthening of steel makes it much more durable than normal steel types.Considering how durable swords should be in wars, the damascus method has been one of the most widely used methods for the production of war weapons in history.

Another thing to be said about Damascus steel is that this method has preserved itself from ancient centuries to today. So we can say that the swords, daggers and knives mades of damascus steel today is an example of the traditional way of production. If you have a collection of daggers, swords or knives, adding a damascus steel item to your collection will make your collection even more valuable and richer. If you want to order our sword models made of Damascus steel, you can contact us via Whatsapp .