Damascus Zulfiqar Sword

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Damascus Zulfiqar Sword

*Battle Ready
-Material: Real Damascus Steel
-Walnut root Handle
-Whole lenght: 90cm
-Steel lenght : 77
-Weight : 2100 Gr


Why is Damascus steel so special?

Damascus steel is a type of steel easily recognisable by its wavy patterned design. Aside from its sleek look and beautiful aesthetics, Damascus steel is highly valued as it is hard and flexible while maintaining a sharp edge. Weapons forged from Damascus steel were far superior to those formed from just iron.

—Damascus Steel is a different type of steel because of its special production process. Damascus steel, which is hardly beaten and hardened with water to a certain extent, is a very special material that still attracts the attention of many people today.
—Damascus sword prices are a bit higher than our other products because their production process is much more diffucult. If you have a sword collection or collect one, a damascus steel sword can be one of the best part of your collection.

—We deliver our products with bill, and showing table in a high safe. We are experienced in our art. Our factory is in Yatagan, Denizli. The name of our town comes from an Ottoman Sword.

—If you don’t receive the product Your money will be refunded.

—The product is delivered in the same shape and appearance as it is seen in the Picture.
***(We do not ship to the UK)

Zulfikar Sword

The most distinctive feature of the sword that distinguishes it from other swords is that its tip is in the shape of a fork. These spikes have meanings. It represents science and justice. The real location of the Zulfiqar sword is unknown. What is written on the sword; ‘La fetta illa Ali, La seyfe illa Zülfikar’ was said during a war. Its meaning is; ‘There is no sword like Zülfikar and there is no brave man like Ali.’

Damascus Zulfikar Sword For Sale

In short, it has such a history. In the handle part, we use the root part of the walnut wood. The Damascus Zulfiqar Sword sword is one piece. The handle is mounted on steel, giving the sword extra durability. In this way, the breaking point has been strengthened.

We send it with the stand and wooden box that you will use to display it in the box. You can have damascus zulfiqar sword for sale by ordering from our web address. Buy online and please follow us on swordbuy instagram page and get latest updates.

Zulfiqar Sword Price

Zulfiqar is one of the most popular sword in the world. We produce this sword and ship to you with customer friendly prices.  Damascus Zulfiqar Sword sword price in United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Europe, India, Pakistan are available on our website.

What is the size of Zulfiqar sword?

We mentioned at the beginning of our article that there are many rumors about the Zulfiqar sword. One of these rumors is that the length of the Zulfiqar sword is 3 meters and 105 kg. There is not much evidence as to whether these rumors are true or not.

What is the weight of sword Zulfiqar?

Original Zulfiqar sword is 3 meters and 105 kg. There is not much evidence as to whether these rumors are true or not. It’s long and heavy sword but no one knows where it is.

Zulfiqar Sword Buy Online

I will tell you the short story and features of the Damascus Zulfiqar Sword, which you hear a lot. As you know, the sword is known as the sword of Imam Ali. Ali is one of the 4 Caliphs. He is also the son-in-law and cousin of our Prophet (sav). The Zulfikar sword has come from the time of the Prophets until today. Zulfiqar sword is also known as the sword hanging in heaven.

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