Eagle Head Cane

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Eagle Head Cane Feature

This cane is perfect for daily use, cosplay, historical reenactment, or every day use.

If you need something fun and stylish to fit your personality, this cane is perfect because it’s functional sturdy, stable.

You can give it as a gift to a lover. And it’s good for collection.

*The total length is 90 cm

*Blunt Blade Length: 30 cm

*Weight: 650 gr

Blade Cane

*Best For Gift : Walking Stick. Beautiful Gift For Gentlemen & Your Lovers. Good Piece Of Collection. Useful In Travel Time. Collectors Canes Are Decorative Items And Are Suitable For Leisure Purposes And Collections. This Walking Stick Is Perfect For Costume For Men Women And Seniors.

*Collectors Canes are decorative items and are suitable for every day uses purposes and collections.

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