Hazrat Uthman Sword

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Hazrat Uthman Sword Handmade Arabic Sword  Real sharp sword with special wooden box free shipping free engraving options. Buy Now!


Whole Size90 cmws%20(1)
HandleWalnut Tree handle
Side Of Handle side of handle  Yellow Meterial
Steel Length79 cm steel length
Weight~950 gr
  • Uthman Sword

  • We deliver Uthman Sword with gift box and showing table in a high safe. We are experienced in our art. You can see our references.
  • We produce hand tools in Denizli, YATAGAN Turkey. We know very well that our work is a historical art. We are proud of producing historical Ottoman and Turkish swords with appropriate methods for old Ottoman quality.
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  • Quality, features and sharpness of the product is explained in material section.
  • Delivery and accessories are included in the price.
  • Handle of the Uthman Sword has also steel in it. That means the steel does not finish when it reaches to the handle. So, it is impossible to break.
  • The product is delivered in the same shape and appearance as it is seen in the Picture. The writings on Uthman Sword are written with laser machine.
  • We can write what you want on the product.Writing is optional. If you want, you can order without writing.
  • Our factory is in Yatagan, Denizli. The name of our town comes from an Ottoman Sword. Yatagan was the most popular sword among Ottoman soldiers. We can deliver our products with high quality and sharpness to all the countries in the world without any problems.

Uthman Sword

If you browse our site a little, you will see not only Turkish swords, but also the swords of important people in Islamic history. One of the swords we produce with completely traditional methods is the Hazrat Uthman sword. Although this page is Hazrat Uthman sword sales page, it would not be correct to give information about Hazrat Uthman’s sword without giving information about himself. Before talking about Hazrat Uthman’s sword, who is Hazrat Uthman? Why is Hazrat Uthman important to Islamic history?

Who is Hazrat Uthman?

The third of the four caliphs of Islam is Hazrat Uthman. Uthman was one of the first people to believe in the Prophet Muhammad. Hz. Uthman was the longest caliph among the four caliphs. He was the son-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad. He married Rukiyya, the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad. After Rukiyya’s death, he married the other daughter of Muhammad, Umm Kulthum. Hz. Uthman is the fifth of the first Muslims. He was 34 years old when he became a Muslim. He participated in wars other than the Battle of Badr.

During his caliphate, a large number of people living in Islamic lands converted to Islam. Another remarkable development of this period was that Muslims got richer and led a more prosperous life compared to the past. Hazrat Uthman served to spread Islamic moral values before and after his Caliphate. Therefore, he is one of the most important figures in the history of Islam.

An Islamic Sword: The Sword of Hazrat Uthman

After talking about the importance of Hazrat Uthman for Islamic history, let’s introduce the Hazrat Uthman sword, which was sold on the site. The Hazrat Uthman sword is completely handcrafted from real steel, just like the other swords exhibited on our site. Our design team worked meticulously to make the Hazrat Uthman sword look exactly like the original. In this study, they read dozens of historical books and examined photographs of hundreds of museum objects. After all this work, the design team drew the sword to the finest detail in a computer environment. While this drawing creates the mold of the steel, the next work depends entirely on the skill of the swordsmen.

The swords we produce as have the same appearance as the original. However, sword lengths are fixed in all models since we follow a certain standard in sword lengths. Another reason why the Hazrat Uthman sword is standard size with other swords is that these dimensions are the ideal size for creating a collection. The fact that the products in a collection have  same size makes that collection more neat and eye-catching.

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  1. Hazrat Uthman Sword photo review
    Anas Balfas
    5 out of 5
    19 April 2023
    an excellent quality sword, I can certainly recommend
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    Caliph Uthman
    Hazrat Uthman Sword photo review
    5 out of 5
    13 January 2022
    wonderfull design and double edged sharp blade, comes with a wooden box. i like it very much. thank you i definitely make a collection from you
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