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Islamic Swords

Swords, which were the most widely used weapons of wars that shaped history before firearms, have also great importance in Islamic history.Prophet Mohammed had struggled to spread Islam to the whole world and had to fightagainst the states and people that wanted to prevent the spread of Islam.

Hz. Muhammad had 9 different swords. His sword, called Me’sur, was inherited from his father. Hz. Ali brought swords called "Rasub", "Mihzem", "Ma’sub" and "Samsame" from the Thai tribe he went to destroy.Today, 20 Islamic swords are exhibited in the Topkapı Palace museum in Istanbul. Two of these swords belong to Prophet Muhammad and one of them belongs to Prophet David.

In Islam, swords were not only a tool of war but also a spiritual value because fighting and killing people are done only for religious service in Islam.The sword, which has such a sacred duty, is considered sacred by the Islamic community.Islamic swords were usually written with Basmalah, surah or prayer from the Qur'an.

Imam Ali's Zulfiqar sword is the most popular sword in the Islamic world. The reason why this sword is so popular is its shape. There are different rumors about this sword that looks like a curved fork. One of these rumors is that the sword was brought to the Prophet by God through the Angel Gabriel, and he gave the sword to Imam Ali. Another rumor is that Zulfiqar was won as a booty in a war and Prophet Muhammad gave the sword to Imam Ali.Another rumor about Imam Ali's Zülfikar sword is about where it is today. It is not known exactly where Zülfiqar is.