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Katana is a type of sword that was created in Japan in the 10th century as a result of Japanese warriors’ service against feudalists.  Katana was given only to samurai, and samurai were chosen from among Aristocrats (noble persons).Their swords meant spiritual strength, pride and honor fort he samurai whose training had taken many years. There was a principle called the Harakiri (Seppuku), which was that the samurai would deliberately and willingly take himself to suicide.  The death of a samurai master, defeat in battle, and some unwelcome mistakes in Japanese society were the major causes of harakiri.  The death of the samurai was honorable and ended with a knife cutting his abdomen into a cross. Harakiri literally means “to dig the abdomen out”.

Katana Sword

Only Samurai used to use swords, and farmers who had swords were killed. When a samurai was fighting his enemy, he would use his bow first, spear secondly and his Katana sword at last. Using katana meant “I want to kill you” to your enemy. The katana is a deadly sword that demands agility and agility.Sword making was learned from the Chinese during the period when Emperor Jimmu conquered Japan.  Sword techniques developed in Kasima Temple were spread and developed all over Japan after a while.Later, the civil war in Japan caused the swords to lose their reputation and respect. Simple swords were made with the need for armament.

Katana Swords

More than a hundred thousand swords were sold to the Ming Dynasty to ward off pirates at one point. Firearm tools emerged and samurai with katana swords could not cope with developing technology. But there is a period in which no one has seen firearms in Japan for many years. The administrators of that period banned gunpowder and firearms. This period is known as the whole of the 18th century. The sword making, which became famous again in the early 19th century, regained its old importance with the resolution of how old swords were made.