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Turkish Katana White

Turkish Katana White
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About Material

All of our products are produced with respect to old methods as you watch on the following video. We test our products after reaching a certain durability and hardness after using our special hardening methods. You can watch our following test videos. The swords that you will buy have also durability guarantee as in the following tests.

  • Stainless Steel with 4034 Quality is processed in furnaces and it reaches up to 52 - 58 Rockwell (HRC) hardness. It is sharpened
  • After heat processes the steel has very high corrosion resistance and developed mechanic features. 
  • The raw material of our swords, which we design with care and attention is stainless steel with European standarts. 
  • It is important for us to provide high abrasion resistance, fatigue strength, sustainable homogeneous hardness in our swords after heat treatment process.
  • Gradual heating technique is applied in over 1000 degrees for 4034 quality sword & knife materials. Then it is held at constant temperature. In furnaces with high technology, the required hardness is got in 500-600 degrees for about 5-6 hours. 
  • Sharpy material guarantee is given. 
  • We produce our swords in our own factory in our town. We tested our products which have high durability and extreme sharpness.

Whole Size

90 cm


Artifical leather rope is wrapped on wood.

Side Of Handle

   Yellow Meterial
Steel Length 79 cm 


~1344 gr


  • We deliver our products with bill, gift box and showing table in a high safe. We are experienced in our art. You can see our references.
  • We produce hand tools in Denizli, YATAGAN Turkey. We know very well that our work is a historical art. We are proud of producing historical Ottoman and Turkish swords with appropriate methods for old Ottoman quality.
  • Fast and Free Air Cargo all over the world. 
  •  If you don't receive the product Your money will be refunded.
  • Add our +90538 850 2828 telephone numbers and Contact us on Whatsapp.
  • Quality, features and sharpness of the product is explained in material section.
  • Delivery and accessories are included in the price.
  • Handle of the sword has also stainless steel in it. That means the steel does not finish when it reaches to the handle. So, it is impossible to break.
  • The product is delivered in the same shape and appearance as it is seen in the Picture. The writingson products are writtenwith laser machine. 
  • We can write what you want on the product.Writing is optional. If you want, you can order without writing.
  • Our factory is in Yatagan, Denizli. The name of our town comes from an Ottoman Sword. Yatagan was the most popular sword among Ottoman soldiers. We can deliver our products with high quality and sharpness to all the countries in the world without any problems.

History of Katana and other Japanese Swords

Katana is a sword  created in Japan in the 10th century as a result of Japanese warriors' fights against feudal forces. Katana used to be given only to samurai, and the samurai were chosen among the notables. These notables were known as Aristocrats. The training of the samurai lasted for many years, and their swords meant spiritual strength, pride and honor for the samurai.  Only the Samurai used swords during the Edo’s age and villagers carrying swords were killed. In the first producing years of Katana, criminals’ arm, leg or neck would be cut according to degrees of their criminals in order to test the sharpness of the sword. When a samurai was fighting his enemy, he used his arc at first and his spear secondly. At last he used his Katana.  Using Katana meant to "I want to kill you." his enemy. Beucase Katana was a fatal weapon. Katana is a sword that needs agility of the user.

Sword-making was learned from the Chinese during the reign of Emperor Jimmu and was developed in temples. Sword making techniques developed in temples reached all over Japan after a while. Then the civil war in Japan caused swords to lose their reputation and dignity. Low quality swords were made with the need for armament. Over a hundred thousand swords were sold to the Ming Dynasty to prevent pirates. Production of firearms started with the development of technology and this event damaged the Samurai too much. When the peace period started, new designs and techniques were prepared for swords and the best swords of that age were made in the peace period, that is, in the Momoyama period. As these new swords became popular, the old swords lost their popularity.

There is a period in Japanese history that no one saw firearms in Japan for many years. Gunpowder and firearms were prohibited in this period. According to many reliable history sources this period is 18th century. The sword-making, which became famous again in the early 19th century, gained its former importance with the discovery of how to make old swords. Japan met the international events in the late 19th century and made a big technology revolution with the begining of Meiji Revolution. New swords were produced in the 20th century. These swords, called Gunto, were poor in quality and had serial numbers. After a while, the police had to use katana when not only the Samurai but everyone started using Katana.

In 1934, Japan equipped its army with Shin-Gunto, new army sword. Type 94 Katana and many handmade Shinto were made and used in World War II during these years. the production of Katana was banned and it was possible to produce real Katana only with the permission of the poliçe after the US invasion. Afterwards, Gunto was eliminated as a result of meeting of several valuable masters with the authorities. After this step, real sharp Katana production was continued. This production allowed everyone to own Katana.

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