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Osman Sword

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Osman Swords

Osman Gazi, the founder of the Ottoman Empire, is one of the people that has been talked about frequently in recent years. The biggest reason for this is a television series about a history on the Turkish television channel.In this series, the foundation years of the Ottoman state are described.

The Ottoman state was one of the largest and most powerful states among the states established by the Turks throughout history. The borders of the Ottoman state were very wide and had territories in 3 continents. Maybe, because of this, Kurulus Osman (Establishment: Osman) series has also managed to become popular not only in Turkey, but also in the Middle East and European countries in a very short period of time. The audience of the series is not only interested in the subject or characters of the series. At the same time, many items used in the series have managed to attract the attention of the audience. One of these items is undoubtedly swords. Especially when Osman's sword is combined with the ability of the actor in the series to use the sword, it is appreciated by the audience.This appreciation leaves its place to the will to own.Therefore, the audience of the series begins to buy an Osman sword for themselves or as a gift to their loved ones.As a sword maker, we produce and sell the most beautiful and special Osman sword in order to meet this need of the audience.

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