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FAQs about Ottoman Empire and Ottoman Swords

What does the “Ottoman” Word mean?

“Ottoman” comes from Osman. Osman I was the leader of Turkish tribes. He created the Ottoman State in the last year of the 13th century, in 1299.  Osman I was Ertugrul’s son. Ertugrul was the leader of Turkish tribes in Anatolia, he fighted in order to found a Turkish state in this area. His son Osman I achieved his father’s dream in 1299 by founding the Ottoman State. The Ottoman state was ruled by the dynasty. The dynasty members were from Osman I family.

Why are Ottoman Swords and Turkish Swords are so popular today?

Turkish people are always known as brave warriors. They fighted in many lands in order to expand their territory. They brought peace and tolerance to the places they conquered. They did not interfere in anyone's religion and private life. Ottomans swords’ or Turkish swords’ popularity comes from Turkish people’s features. They have been always fair, tolerant and loyal during the history.

Are you dealer or manufacturer of Ottaman Swords for sale on  your website?

We are manufacturer of Ottoman Swords for sale on our website. We have our own manufacturing and selling system and team. We both produce and sell our products.

How can I keep Ottoman Swords after buying?

We send our products in their special boxes. This boxes have also a special system to be used in demonstration. It has a demonstration system that you can put your sword on it. You can easily demonstrate your Ottoman sword.

How long does the delivery of my order take?

We can send your order in 7 days after your order. It takes 8-15 days to arrive your address.

What are the dimensions of Ottoman Swords in your website?

Dimensions of Ottoman Swords for sale in our webiste change from 40 cm to 94 cm. Ottoman swords with 40 cm legth is a miniature Ottoman Sword and it is one of the best gifts gor your friends or relatives.

Are your products guaranteed?

Of course. Our all products are guaranteed for both material. We use the high quality material for our swords. We produce our products by using traditional techniques. All of our products is made of genuine stainless steel with handmade traditional ways.

Which Swords are Ottoman Swords on your website?

Sultan Selim III, Yatagan Sword, Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror Sword, Yalmanli Sword are the best selling ones among Ottoman swords.

Why should I buy Ottoman Sword from your website?

Because we are not only dealer of the swords for sale in this website, we are also manufacturer of them. All the swords that you see on this website are produced by our own craftsmen. Also, we are in Yatagan, Denizli in Turkey. Our town is known as the homeland of swords in Anatolia. Our town is so popular that there is also a Turkish sword called “Yatagan Sword” Yatagan sword was very popular especially at the age of Ottoman Empire.