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  • Model: SBPK2
Metarial4116 - 4034 Stainless Steel
Full Length18,5 cm
Blade Length8,5 cm
Handle Length10 cm
Handle MetarialPadauk Wood
Sheath MetarialLeather

The product is foldable. Locking system prevents it from closing. It turns off when you open the lock. When it’s folded, it is 10.5 cm tall. When you open it, its total length is 18.5 cm. Comes with a Leather Cover.

Padauk Pocket Knife

As Swordbuy, besides swords, we also produce useful, durable and stylish knives. It is completely handmade and produced in our own town Yatagan. It is a sword that has been identified with the town of Yatagan, which is famous for its knives and swords, from ancient times to the present day.Like the swords we produced with high quality and durable steel, this padauk pocket knife is produced with quality materials and craftmanship.

These pocket knives attract attention with their versatile structure. It is produced to be useful in hunting, camping, outdoor activities and kitchen. You can easily carry it with you with its size and useful structure.

Its overall length is 18.5 cm. Blade length is 8.5 cm. It has an ergonomic design suitible for your hands.

It is made of 4116-4034 stainless steel and has passed durability tests. The hilt is made of padauk wood and has a distinctive color. It has a very stylish and aesthetic appearance. It is also sent with a leather cover. The cover is also made of thick and durable material. Both the pocket knife and the sheath are made with a swordbuy aesthetic.If you are looking for a pocket knife that suits your adventurous personality, the padauk pocket knife is for you. You can also buy it as a gift to your friends and loved ones. We ship to worlwide with free shipping with DHL.

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