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Steel Test Videos

All of our products are produced with respect to old methods as you watch on the following video. We test our products after reaching a certain durability and hardness after using our special hardening methods. You can watch our following test videos. The swords that you will buy have also durability guarantee as in the following tests


We produce our products in Yatagan, Denizli, Turkey as SwordBuy. Yatagan is a town in which swords used to be produced for Ottoman Empire Soldiers during the 16th century when important wars were happened.  The word “Yatagan” comes from a type of sword that was used by Ottoman Yeniceri soldiers. Yatagan swords used to be produced in our town and its name comes from this type of sword. We have been continuing our art that we inherited from our ancestors for centuries. As SwordBuy brand, we started to send our swords to all over the world in 2016. We were getting many orders or requests from many countries so we decided to create

We deliver our products with gift box and showing table in a high safe. We are experienced in our art. You can see our references. 

Features of the Steel that We used for our products

  • Stainless Steel with 4034 Quality is processed in furnaces and it reaches up to 52 - 58 Rockwell (HRC) hardness. It is sharpened
  • After heat processes the steel has very high corrosion resistance and developed mechanic features. 
  • The raw material of our swords, which we design with care and attention is stainless steel with European standarts. 
  • It is important for us to provide high abrasion resistance, fatigue strength, sustainable homogeneous hardness in our swords after heat treatment process.
  • Gradual heating technique is applied in over 1000 degrees for 4034 quality sword & knife materials. Then it is held at constant temperature. In furnaces with high technology, the required hardness is got in 500-600 degrees for about 5-6 hours. 
  • Sharpy material guarantee is given. 
  • We produce our swords in our own factory in our town. We tested our products which have high durability and extreme sharpness