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Customizable Sword Box

Customizable Sword Box
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  • Model: SB1006


Pine Tree


108 cm - 1080 mm


20.5 cm -205 mm


12 cm - 120 mm


6 kg - 6000 gr


The explanation is processed under the name you want and produced in historical aesthetics as a childhood. It is a top quality box with sword protection. It is opened with a Double Key. It has high strength and durability value. The interior design has been specially designed to accommodate the sword.

Sword Box

All of our sword models you bought on our site are sent to you with a gift box. These boxes are both a gift box and also a platform where you will exhibit your sword. Our gift boxes models are made of pine wood and designed with special historical motifs. In addition, according to the wishes of our customers such as their names, family names or a few words  can be written on the boxes. you can easily decide where and how to hide your sword with these sword boxes. We hope you will love our sword boxes as much as our sword models.

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