Turkish Dagger

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Turkish Dagger with sheath, Handmade double edged dagger full tang high quality

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Turkish Dagger

*Battle Ready
-Material : Carbon Steel-slotted
-Full Lenght: 35 cm
-Blade length: 25 cm
Weight: 300 Gr
-Handle : Wood
-Leather Sheath


The history of the dagger does not go back to old ages as wedge because it was developed from the wedge. The earliest examples were made of bronze before 2000 BC. The dagger was developed especially by the Arabs and was mostly adopted by the nobility as an indispensable accessory of their clothes.

Dagger with Sheath

-Turkish Dagger, which was designed by swordbuy, who has made a name for himself with the works he has done and the swords he has produced since the year it was founded, and which he has put out before you sword lovers with great craftsmanship after long work. This product, which has a wonderful design, proves that it is a Turkish dagger with its magnificence and eye-catching appearence.

Dagger for Sale

This dagger, thought to the finest detail, has always been at the forefront with its attractive features. The motif on the handle is thoughtfully handcrafted without exaggeration, adding a completely beautiful stance to the product. If we look at the blade part, the curvature made by our master blacksmiths and the sharpness on both sides of the tip, reminds us of the Turkish Kilij. Dagger is full tang. The steel doesn’t end when it reaches to the handle.

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Weight0.3 kg
Dimensions110 × 22 × 12 cm



Handmade, Battle Ready, Customizable

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