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Traditional Turkish Bow (Beginner)

Traditional Turkish Bow (Beginner)
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Bow Type

Beginner (Kepaze Yay)


25  caliber


8mm (5/16) (Send 5)

Arrow Material

Yellow pine

Arrow Length

73,5 cm

Arrow Enclosure (Tirkeş)

(Leather Material)


Bow + Quiver + 5 Arrows + Bow Bag (Blue)


About Bow and Arrow

The arrow, which was the important weapon of wars before the firearms were not found, would have been accurate according to the fact that the guality of the bow. The bow is a result of a great skill and fine art. Making a good bow requires a big patience and would take a long time. Turkish-made bows would be 110-140 cm long and 300-360g. weight. Wood, bone, and glue are the main materials used in bow making. The most valuable, solid and flexible trees are used in its production. An important part of the bow was made of bone, ox or buffalo horn. The flexible rope that stretches the bow would be removed from the the wrist and the knee of ox.

Bow production was very important in Turkish history. Throughout history, Turks have produced various bows in terms of appearance and usage by using different techniques. Archery has an important place in the first years of Islam. For this reason, the importance given to Turkish archery gained a religious meaning after the Turks adopted Islam. It is stated that there are over 40 hadith sheriffs  (sentences that Prophet Muhammad said) related to archery in Islam.

From the Middle Ages to the 19th century, Turkish archery developed greatly as a shooting technique and a martial art. Archery was carried out as a planned sport activity in the Ottoman Empire after the second half of the 15th century.  34 large squares named Ok  Meydanı (means arrow square in English) have been allocated fort his purpose. Arrow squares had their own allowances, administrators, and servants, and archers resided and were trained there. Competitions were held in these squares. The best known among the arrow squares is Okmeydanı in Istanbul. After the conquest of Istanbul, Fatih Sultan Mehmet bought this area from the owners and built a archery sport center here.

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