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What is Zulfiqar Sword?

Zulfiqar Sword was Imam Ali’s sword. Imam Ali was Prophet Muhammad’s cousin. After a war at which Prophet Muhammed and Imam Ali fighted together, Muhammad gave the Zulfiqar Sword to Imam Ali. Imam Ali was the great warrior and a brave man. It is said and believed that Zulfiqar Sword was used by Imam Ali’s son and grandsons. Zulfiqar Sword is much more different than other swords with its fork shape. It looks like sharp and has double sharp edges.

What are Zulfiqar Swords for sale made of?

Zulfiqar Swords and other swords on our website are made of genuine stainless steel. Stainless Steel with 4034 Quality is processed in furnaces and it reaches up to 52 - 58 Rockwell (HRC) hardness. 

Why should I buy Zulfiqar Sword from your website?

Because we are not only dealer of the swords for sale on this website, we are also manufacturer of them. All the swords that you see on this website are produced by our own craftsmen. Also, we are in Yatagan, Denizli in Turkey. Our town is known as the homeland of swords in Anatolia. Our town is so popular that there is also a Turkish sword called “Yatagan Sword” Yatagan sword was very popular especially at the age of Ottoman Empire.

Can your Zulfiqar Swords for Sale be personalized?

Of course, You can type the text to be engraved on your sword while you are ordering. You do not need to pay extra Money for this process. We type the text that you want with our laser printer with the latest technology.

Is there any security system on your website?

Of course. All your personal information and credit card is protected with 128 Bit SSL Certificate. You can pay for your money safely. We do not save your personal or credit card information.

How can I keep my Zulfiqar Sword?

We send all your swords in their special boxes. You can keep in them. You can also use these functional boxes as a demonstration tool because of their special design.

What are the dimensions of Zulfiqar Swords for sale on this website?

Zulfiqar Swords for sale in our website have different dimensions. The miniature Zulfiqar Sword is 40 cm. and another Zulfiqar Sword is 94 cm. The miniature model is bought especially as a gift and the big model is ordered by collectors or members of Alevism.

Can you send Zulfiqar Swords to all over the World?

Yes, we can order our products to all countries with different delivery systems or cooperations.

Are your products guaranteed?

Of course. Our all products are guaranteed for both material. We use the high quality material for our swords.